Adult and Caregiver Education




We provide serveral programs to help older adults and family caregivers address critical issues in their health and wellness. These include:


  • Aging Parents:A group of seminars for adult children preparing to care for aging parents. The overall program can be tailored to meet the needs of particular groups.
    • Workshops cover topics such as:
      • Family dynamics
      • Financial planning
      • Coping with stress
      • Specific medical issues.
  • Be Ready:A seminar on disaster preparedness.
    • Helps older adults:
      • Be ready for serious emergencies
      • Guides them in developing a specific plan for what they will do and how they will do it if disaster stikes.
  • Next Steps:A seminar on advanced directives. 
    • Helps persons who are older or who are facing serious illness:
      • Plan for their long-term care
      • Plan for their end-of-life care
    • Uses the nationally reconized "Five Wishes" model.
    • *There is also a program for seriously ill children called "My Wishes"

Children, Youth, and Family Education




We offer several programs for children, youth and their parents, aimed at building character and preventing dysfunction. These include:




  • CONNECTING WITH KIDS - This nationally recognized multimedia program helps family members to connect with one another by exploring important character and safety issues facing both parents and youth.


  • FAMILIES IN ACTION- This is another nationally recognized multimedia program. It teaches important interpersonal communication skills while helping participants recognize the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse.

Couples Education


 The Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families hosts occasional training services for clergy and others who work with couples who choose marriage for themselves.




  • These training services address marriage preparation and enhancement using the nationally recognized PREPARE/ENRICH model.




There is also a resource center with sample program materials on marriage preparation and enhancement services.

Healthy Congregations Education



 The Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families hosts occasional training services for clergy, faith community nurses and other health ministers on critical health status and health system issues affecting children, elderly and families.




There is also an extensive publications program, with user-friendly materials on relevant topics including:

  • accessibility
  • cancer
  • child safety
  • environmental health
  • eye care
  • family caregiving 
  • family violence
  • health care financing
  • healthy lifestyles
  • nurtition
  • smoking, etc.



 Call for a complete list or visit the State office in Newport.

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