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Press Release Retirement of Executive Director, Reverend Robert P. Hall

July 15, 2019


Delaware Ecumenical Council for Children and Families (DECCF) announces that its longtime Executive Director, Rev. Robert Hall decided to retire after years of remarkable service to children and families throughout the state of Delaware.

Reverend Hall’s leadership of our organization  for the past 31 years  has provided us with an effective and highly regarded  advocacy and volunteer  service to families in the state. He has guided DECCF with forward-thinking vision and sustained growth through his administrative and grant writing gifts.   Rev. Hall has managed this program through challenges always with a view toward providing quality services to our families and individuals in need of help and in times of crisis. During Rev. Hall’s tenure, he has reached out to each of our 3 counties to engage congregations to emulate their faith traditions by offering assistance to their members and neighbors when need arises, to be ambassadors of the unseen God.

The Board of Directors are extremely grateful for Rev. Hall’s 3 decades of dedication and devoted service  and wish him well in his continued  pastorate and ministerial duties at Salem United Methodist Church. 

Reverend Brian K. Sanders will succeed Reverend Hall as the Executive Director of Delaware Ecumenical Council for Children and Families. Rev. Sanders comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia. We welcome him in his new role and have every confidence in his ability to take our organization into the future.

Contact: Delaware Ecumenical Council for Children and Families (302) 225-1040

DECCF’s signature program is Faith in Action®, a volunteer caregiving program originally developed and promoted by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  It uses paraprofessionals and supervised volunteers to deliver general services, including friendly visiting, chore and errand services, medical and related transportation, homemaking assistance, and telephone reassurance.  Transportation for health care is the most requested service.  Each year, approximately 250 beneficiaries received approximately 2500 program services.  The beneficiaries include chronically ill and disabled adults, adults who are visually impaired and senior citizens.  Faith in Action® has been evaluated at the national level by Vanderbilt University and in Delaware by the University of Delaware in 2002. 





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